About Us
Since 1994, SVNC has been highly regarded for its products and
services in Communication Structured Cabling Systems.

From premise cabling systems to data centers, overhead paging
to CATV systems, our extensive engineering and technical
background allow us to provide an unsurpassed level of design,
installation and support services.

From fiber optic gigabit backbones and category 5, 5E and 6 to
the desktop, these typical installations we successfully complete
each day.  Our experienced and highly trained technicians
carefully installs to the highest standards.  We have installed
thousands of miles of network UTP cabling and fiber optic
cabling, enabling our clients to get all projects finished on time
and on budget.

Our commitment to our client's best interests allows us to be
vendor-independent and provide unbiased consultive services.

Our expertise in Structured Cabling Systems allow us to
providing our clients with a strategic approach to a broad range
of network cabling solutions, we can help you choose an
optimum solution for your organization by bringing you products
from world-class manufacturers.